My Onomatopoeia art has a old style T.V screen and it says "Bzzzzzz!!!". We were only allowed to use red, blue, yellow, black and white because we were trying to make it look like Roy Leichenstein art. I think this time my picture looks really "popping out", but next time I think I should 
On Friday our class made string ornaments. we made them with water balloons and string. Its technically a 3D string ornament. its really cool.
step 1: blow up a water balloon
step 2: rub lotion on the water balloon
step 3: use glue paste to stick stings on (your hands might get kinda sticky)
step 4: let the glue dry
step 5:  pop the water balloon with a pencil

When I did this in class, I think I should have made a smaller water balloon and I shoul have used more strings. 
On Friday, my class made Borax snowflake ornaments. The materials you need are: Pipe cleaners(Preferably white), Borax, string, pencil or pen, cup, hot water, food colouring, and a paper towel.
Step 1: take two pipe cleaners and cut them at each 8 centimeter mark. fold them into a snowflake shape
step 2: make sure the snow flake fits in the cup well so that it is not squished
step 3: tie string on the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pencil or pen
step 4: add hot water to the cup and put in a couple drops of food colouring 
step 5: just let it cool for a couple hours
step 6: after cooled, take the snowflake out and dry it out with a paper towel
I hope you get a crystal looking snow flake ornament!

When I did this in class,  I made a really pretty looking snowflake but I think I could have spread out the snowflake pieces better.

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