On Friday, my class made Borax snowflake ornaments. The materials you need are: Pipe cleaners(Preferably white), Borax, string, pencil or pen, cup, hot water, food colouring, and a paper towel.
Step 1: take two pipe cleaners and cut them at each 8 centimeter mark. fold them into a snowflake shape
step 2: make sure the snow flake fits in the cup well so that it is not squished
step 3: tie string on the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pencil or pen
step 4: add hot water to the cup and put in a couple drops of food colouring 
step 5: just let it cool for a couple hours
step 6: after cooled, take the snowflake out and dry it out with a paper towel
I hope you get a crystal looking snow flake ornament!

When I did this in class,  I made a really pretty looking snowflake but I think I could have spread out the snowflake pieces better.

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