A week or two ago, I finished reading "Boys without names". Our class got split up into different groups to read different books. Some people read "Ashes of roses", some people read the "Lost rider", some people read "freedom train, etc. All of the books were about or to do with child labour! My book was about a boy who got tricked in to child labour and had to work in a factory making frames. 

A couple weeks ago we finished reading the book "The One and Only Ivan". It was about a Gorilla named Ivan that has been Captured by a person named Mack at a mall. Mack abused the animals that were kept at his mall. Ivan has been in his little cage for 27 years all by himself. Ivan only new a Elephant named Stella and a dog  named Bob. Until it all changed as a new baby elephant named Ruby came in to the mall. Stella had to take care of Ruby like her own baby. Later on Stella died of old age and Ivan was left to take care of Ruby. Mack was training Ruby by pretending to hit her with something called a claw stick. Mack also made Ruby balance on one foot with a dog on her back. One of the workers for Mack named George has a Daughter (Julia) who feels sorry for Ivan and gives Ivan paint and paper. Ivan usually draws normally things he would find around his cage like, a beetle or Banana. But this time he drew Ruby wuth other elephants in the wild. No Human could understand what Ivan was trying to draw exept for Julia. Soon Ivan started to write HOME on the paper and Julia finally understood. Later on in the book, Inspectors came to the mall to see how Mack treated the animals. They saw that he was abusing them and took Ivan and Bob to the zoo where they are free with other animals. And that is the end of the story.
Just to let you know this story about Ivan is true and Ivan was actually alive until August 2012 when he passed away. If you liked my summery of the story you will love the book. Just look for "The One and Only Ivan" by. Catherine Apple gates. Another suggestion is a book called "Wonder" By R.J Palacio. About a boy with a deformed face and how he fights through the bullies. 

The Gorillas from the creative commons image are not Ivan. :)

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