Yesterday, our student teacher showed us a website that is really fun, but also helps you in math. We learn about angles for example, Straight angle, right angle, obtuse angle, etc. Next we learn how to use a protractor. You need to line it up with the vertex so that you know exactly what the measurement is. After that we name them for example, 86 degrees would be an acute angle. Or 90 degrees would be a right angle. Here is the link to the website: http://www.mathplayground.com/measuringangles.html     
I hope this helps you guys! (The picture is mine)




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I can say that Writing isn't my favorite subject, because of the essay structure and the topics we have to write about. Though I do like writing stories. Through out spring break, our class (hillcrestdiv4.weebly.com) have been working on our speeches for the speech fest. For example, mine is about "How TV advertising can effect our food choices". We are supposed to write our speech in "Essay Structure". I have enjoyed learning about essay structure. It is a little bit complicated but it gets easy afterwards. I think I can improve on adding different transition words, and I have been working on making my speech shorter. I think my favorite thing in writing has probably been my speech. I would like to write stories and reviews on Movies or videos

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