This is my reflections about the five kingdoms project that I did using Prezi.http://prezi.com/ 

I learned that if we do not have a classification system, we will not know what is safe or dangerous. The 5 kingdoms are to classify living things into categories. For example if someone said “Get me a bacteria from the Monera Kingdom”, you would not know what to do.
From the feedback that others gave to me, I learned that I had to move around more and be more engaging with the audience. So, next time I will make sure I move around during my presentation and ask the audience which kingdom I should talk about.

11/25/2012 10:45:42 am

@ Judy Moody - It would be great if you could also link up the prezi image to your actual prezi presentation for others to have easier access to it. I know that you have linked it up to the button below your reflection, but this would be even easier for everyone.

Based on the feedback you received from your peers, what will you do next time to improve on your presentation?


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